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Biography - Bing Jones


Bing Jones has been an artist all his life, though he has also spent much of my time working as a doctor. Like many medical folk, he feels that the deeper mysteries lie beyond the reach of the stethoscope. He admits to poor contraceptive skills, has four fabulous children and mountains of University tuition fees.

He trained at Medical School in Bristol and then at Sheffield School of Art and Design.

Bing has undertaken major portrait commissions for 20 years. He has studied and practised traditional methods of painting, drawing and printmaking for 30 years.

He also paints landscapes, makes studies from master works and draws from the figure.

Views on painting
“Medicine is good, but painting is better! And people are the noblest but also the most challenging of subjects.

I am a traditional painter. My painting is as dependent on old-fashioned methods as it is on modern technology. I use both oil and tempera on canvas stretched on wood. I often use chalk under-drawing, lean under-painting, impasto over-painting and finish with glazes. The main foundation of a painting is its composition and I prefer to work from life whenever possible.

Time constraints often oblige me to use photography. Generally, it is obvious if a painting is based on a single photograph. I often use a computer programme to manipulate parts of multiple photographs and to alter the sizes and relationships of the components of the picture. With traditional free drawing, this enables a complicated set of parts to be amalgamated into a balanced composition.

Painting for me is about presenting the world to the viewer in a sorted way. Somehow one has to capture an essence of the subject and then re-construct it, resolving the parts into a whole. The best paintings are like the best music. They speak to us about our shared experience of the subject, resolving it and somehow leaving us enriched. Copying, decorating, novelty or rebellion can all be part of this but are not enough in themselves. This resolution is not easy and many do not even try. Working from photographs removes some problems but makes wholeness harder to find

The painter has so much choice of approach, from the naive to the classical, slick realism to anti-art. But the portrait painter is reined in with layers of expectation from sitter and paymaster what a challenge!”






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