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Mr Fred Gould
Oil on canvas

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Local Artist Bing Jones recently unveiled a new oil portrait of local director and owner of a commercial property company, Mr Fred Gould. This is a traditional painting in oil and tempera on canvas and will hang in a specially made gilt frame in Mr Gould’s private collection.

Fred’s idea for the commission was based on a chance social encounter between patron and artist. When asked why he commissioned the portrait Fred replied that he had been thinking about a portrait for some time and had always enjoyed art and encouraging artists. “I have an eclectic taste but wanted a painting done the traditional way. It’s relatively easy to find someone to do an abstract or quirky picture but harder to find someone willing to paint a straightforward portrait.”


Fred has a wide ranging collection of original art, from the communist era of Russian Painting to contemporary local artists’ work. He combines his property business with his interest in art through his support for Sylvester Space, providing artist’s studios and exhibition space in Sheffield’s town centre.

Bing Jones is a Sheffield based artist with a long list of national commissions as well as local professional, business and sporting portraits. These include Sir James Underwood, Bert Magee and Johnny Nelson. Bing Jones feels that the traditional portrait has an important place in this uncertain world.

For the successful individual, a traditional portrait has a timeless quality and is a legacy for the future. For a successful organisation, particularly in times of recession, a portrait strengthens corporate identity lending solidity and sustainability to the company’s image.

This portrait was painted from live sittings at the artists studio in Sheffield. The sitter was raised on a plinth and is shown looking to the distance. The brief was for an authoritative but relaxed pose. The sitter has a fine collection of Russian Landscape paintings and this work is designed to complement these highly crafted paintings


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