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Oil sketches


If you wish to commission a portrait then you must have confidence in the artist's ability to capture the likeness. Speed is of the essence. Few sitters wish to give up infinite time. It is not uncommon that one has time only for one sitting.

Eugene Delacroix, nineteenth century French painter, said that it is important that the artist is able to draw a man falling from a window and finish by the time he hits the ground. Clearly speed is not enough in itself but the portrait painter wishing to paint in oil need to capture both likeness and all the necessary information in a limited time.

Each of the sketches above were painted from life by Bing Jones in about an hour. they have a freshness and vitality that no photograph can give. Both the highly finished, sophisticated portrait and the impressionistic broad brush effect will start in a similar way. It may be that the sketch is an end in itself and provides a lively image that can be a specific portrait commission itself.


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