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Pricing of commissioned portraits

Prices vary with size, content and the number of sittings.

I am happy to discuss any size from around 8x10 inches upwards.
Traditional English middle-sized portraits are 25x30 inches unframed. I am happy to discuss the optimum size in terms of the content, budget and where the picture might hang.

A simple head and shoulders will be relatively straightforward. Hands, the full-length figure, a specified setting or personal references may be more involved and more expensive.
I am keen to discuss any interesting or imaginative ideas: groups, families, settings and objects with a personal ring. I have painted and drawn many children. Traditional oil paint is very flexible!

Live sittings are important and may involve travel. I like to meet the sitter if at all possible. I work from photographs when time is limited or when major distances are involved. I live in Sheffield but I am often in London and will travel whenever necessary. Again, please feel free to discuss any preference.

Price Illustration
Chalk drawings start at £1500.00
Oil portraits start at around £2500.00 for a head and shoulders.
Half-length portraits, including hands, start at around £4000.00.
Each portrait will require discussion and an individual quote.

Local Drawings
If you live within travelling distance of Sheffield and are willing to attend the artists studio, single sitting pen and wash or Graphite sketches  can be arranged for as little as £75.00. Chalk sketches will cost a little more but both are very suitable for children and groups. Similarly, oil sketches and be arranged for a reduced price. Portraits can be tailored to suit most pockets. Please pick up the phone to discuss any queries.

I am keen to advise on and provide frames, which vary in price and will be additional to the costs above.


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