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Sir James Underwood

Oil and Tempera on Canvas

25 x 30 inches

Commissioned by the Royal College of Pathologists A complex brief including microscope and award-winning text book and the view towards Pall Mall Hangs in Carlton House Terrace, overlooking The Mall

Painted from a mix of live sittings, drawings and manipulated digital photographs, this is rich in colour and varied textures

An oil painting is infinitely flexible and this is why the tradition has lasted the test of time. The advantage of live sittings, photography and modern digital manipulation can all be used in the making of these paintings, rich in terms of reference as well as texture and colour. If the sitter or the institution wishes to commission a picture with a personal reference or professional equipment, both can be included and worked into a complex composition. Scientific and Academic portraits can be enriched and supplemented with great ease to portray views, equipment or publications. This painting is a good example, and uses all the modern flexibility of computer manipulated images combined with traditional technique.


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